HashTags, Tags, & Features

Hashtags, Tags, and features are the fastest way to grow an Instagram account. Includes a FREE copy and paste hashtag list!

Hashtags, Tags, and features are the fastest way to grow an Instagram account. Includes a FREE copy and paste hashtag list!


Updated: 2019

Learning how to use hashtags and tags are two of the easiest ways to get recognition on Instagram and build your brand with focus and speed.

Before adding hashtags and tags to your photos, spend some time researching your niche.  What are other people in your niche adding to their photos? How many hashtags do they use? Are there specific hashtags that they seem to be using over and over? Spend some time digging deeper into your competitors and read on to learn how to properly use hashtags on your page.



I am always surprised that some accounts refuse to use hashtags. Yes, it can be a little “unprofessional” in appearance, but this is the key factor in getting brand recognition. Using the RIGHT hashtags brings your photo to the top of that particular page. Each hashtag is also a way to connect with other users with a similar interest or in the same niche.

Make sure you are using targeted and relevant hashtags. Don't just tag words of what is obviously in the photo or use extremely popular hashtags. Popularity doesn't translate to effectiveness because there might be too many people (or bots and spammers) using that particular hashtag pushing your photo below all of the others. For example, #love #happy #like4like or obvious words are overused and won't get as targeted results. Try using hashtags with 10,000-500,000 posts. 

Steps for Optimum Hashtagging

1.) Research hashtags in your niche and write them down. Check to see what your competition or inspiration are using. You can also search in the search bar for keywords in your niche. Instagram will show you a list of suggested hashtags where you can check out the number of posts and the types of photos being posted.

2.) Create a collection of the best-performing hashtags. In the note section of your phone or an app such as Evernote or Google Docs make 2-4 lists of 30 hashtags. Make sure that these apply to your account as a whole and can be easily copy and pasted for each post. It's ok to switch some of them out based on the subject of the photo. For example, I post mainly surrealism and landscapes but if I happen to post a portrait, I might change 10 of my general hashtags to be specifically portrait hashtags.

3.) Post your photo and caption

4.) Two Options: Add your hashtags to your caption or comment on your post as the first comment. If you add your hashtags to your caption, be sure to space the properly like shown below. If you add them to the first comment, be sure to add them immediately after posting.

Caption should look like this:


After posting, explore all of the photos posted with hashtags that just you used and check out the "related" hashtags at the top of the screen. Spend some time 'liking' and 'commenting' on photos within your niche to engage with your new audience.

Check out FocalMark  to find a whole bunch of hashtags based on the subject matter and location!

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TAGGING (not hashtagging)

In most cases, TAGS are used to tag people that are in the photo.  You can also use tags for feature pages, or "hubs", and sponsorship from brands. Tagging is great way to gain exposure and have a chance to be featured on their account (more on features below)

A post can be tagged with 20 accounts.  When tagging a photo it's important to focus on the niche of that particular picture.

For example, if I took a photo of the sunset in Santa Monica, I might tag accounts such as @artofvisuals, @sunset_vision @sunsetmag @beautifuldestinations - you get the idea.


A feature is when a larger account or photo hub "features" your photo on their page. This is one of the best ways to get quick recognition.

• Make sure that your tagging options are set to "automatic" to allow for easier features.

• Features will show up under the photos that people have tagged of you.

Always remember to thank the account that posted your photo! It's important to keep these lines of communication open for future interactions and partnership.

To recap, hashtags, tags, and features are crucial for growing your brand quickly and efficiently on Instagram.  As I mentioned, make sure to spend some time researching hashtags and page tags within your niche to make sure that you are targeting the right people.

Want to see how I use hashtags? Head over to my Instagram >> @annamcnaughty and check out the hashtags on my latest posts (I usually comment them on to the image. Or if you’re ready for some hashtags of your own, sign up below to get a FREE list of them!