Installing Lightroom Presets in 5 Easy Steps


Updated: 2019

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These basic instructions for how to install Lightroom Presets will have you editing in no time!

What are Lightroom Presets? For those of you have haven’t use Lightroom presets yet, let me tell you, these are a game changer! They speed up your work flow, create a consistent look to all of your images and allow you to edit huge batches of photos very quickly. Check out this blog post for more detail about using Lightroom Presets.

Follow these steps below to learn how to install Lightroom presets in just a few minutes.

Please note: each version of Lightroom CC will be slightly different. For 2018-2019 users, the presets will be in xmp files


  • PC: Click EDIT >> preferences

  • MAC: Click LIGHTROOM >> preferences

Lightroom Presets | Instal | How to Instal Lightroom Presets | The Liked Photo

2.) In the pop-up screen, click PRESETS (second tab)

3.) In the middle of the screen, click SHOW LIGHTROOM DEVELOP PRESETS (see image below)

4.) When the folder opens you should be inside a folder called SETTINGS. Copy and paste the folder from your new presets into this settings folder. (The new folder will probably be in your downloads)

5.) Once you’re finished, quit and reopen Lightroom and your presets will be located under the “Develop Tab”

Lightroom Preset


You can always make quick adjustments to a Lightroom preset. Presets tend to look a little different on each photo depending on the highlights and shadows. If your photo looks too dark, Bump the exposure just a hair and bring it down a bit if your photo looks too bright.


  • Be sure to quit out of Lightroom and reopen the application if your new presets are not showing up

  • Make sure the folder you copied into SETTINGS holds the new presets

  • Unzip the downloaded presets file and then add into Lightroom

  • Can't Unzip? You may need to download an external program to unzip