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Hi! I’m Anna… and I’m here to help you build a business, a brand and a life you love through the application of image, innovation, knowledge and imagination.

I’m an artist, adventurer, and teacher with a passion and a vision for helping entrepreneurs and creators build and grow their businesses through the power of Instagram.

I'm always first in line for an adventure.

I'm all in for dreaming big and imagining wildly.

I'm a believer in work/play balance.

I'm here to share my expertise so you can learn how to build the business of your dreams.

I'm ready to show you how to thrive in business while leading a life of freedom and adventure.

Are you shaking your head yes? Are you saying hell yeah?

Then, let's talk.

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As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for art, photography, design, and the outdoors. As a kid, I always had a camera in my hands. Whether snapping photos of my friends on a disposable, using my mom’s camcorder, or just observing the world around me, I was always taking photos and exploring our fascinating planet.

It hasn’t always been a joy ride. My high school art teacher informed me I would never amount to anything -- let alone an artist or designer. This dismissal provided the catalyst that started it all.

 Sometimes that’s all it takes. In 2013, I packed my belongings and moved across the country to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion photography. I had another rude awakening – discovering that this world I desperately wanted to be a part of was ultra-exclusive and filled with empty promises. It was not the path that I was meant to take.

 I dug in. For six months, I pounded the Hollywood pavement, submitting dozens of job applications on a daily basis, searching Craigslist (and my soul) for something to get me on the right path. I eventually found a part-time job selling solar energy systems door-to-door to make some much-needed money. By the end of 2014 I had landed a job as an in-house graphic designer, but something was still missing.


In 2015 I joined the Creative Services Department of Space Maintainers Laboratories (SML) as a graphic designer/social media specialist. My first experience in a corporate environment, it taught me a lot about meeting expectations, retaining confidence under fire and sustaining creative “juice” under deadline. It’s also where I met Scot Simmons, my then Creative Director and now, mentor, business collaborator, and esteemed copywriter.

I realized that although I was making a living working 9-5, I had turned away from the spark of individual expression and creative energy that had put me here in the first place. Depression set in. I saw myself at rock bottom. Reduced to tears on a regular basis, I was ready to turn tail and head home. Something told me to hang on…and to again change course.

I decided to quit my full-time job and take a terrifying yet exciting risk. My goal? Crash the largely male-dominated-digital-manipulation world on Instagram and gain recognition as THE designated female digital artist on the Instagram scene. I would carve a niche for myself, combining my love of photography and graphic design…and if there wasn’t a job for me, I was going to create it myself.

I began by posting my surrealistic digital photography creations. These pieces quickly gained recognition -- opening up a whole world of art shows, galleries, and new creative challenges.

After long hours of research, classes and pep talks, I started this blog (formerly, The Liked Photo) — to teach people how to take better photos and grow a profitable business from Instagram.


So here I am — pursuing a life of creative freedom and exploration; travel and new horizons – all with the operative goal of creating value for my clients and teaching others how to do the same. I am truly living my dream…


 For press and media use:

“An innovative Graphic Designer, award-winning Master Photographer, celebrated Digital Surrealist and a recognized pioneer in the emerging discipline of Strategic Instagram Marketing, Anna McNaught brings her profound creative artistry and razor-sharp eye for detail to every project she undertakes.

Anna’s design work is clean, creative and compelling, her marketing approach simple, yet effectively results-directed. Her recent online workshops and courses in Instagram instruction, management and consultation have resulted in full bookings and unprecedented income growth and engagement increases for her burgeoning client base…and her own following of over 100,000 Instagram devotees continues to increase at a rate of more than 2,000 new followers per week.  Anna strives to help her students and clients build an online business that fuels their passions.

Anna is currently accepting clients and students. To schedule an appointment, receive instructional information or sign up for a workshop, please visit annamcnaught.com and on Instagram @annamcnaughty.”