The Anna McNaught Lightroom Presets - Pack of 5

The Anna McNaught Lightroom Presets - Pack of 5

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5 custom Adobe Lightroom Presets (shown in order) for both Lightroom CC Desktop and mobile

  • Just A Little Bit - Brightens, enhances colors and overall richness

  • I Dream in Color - Brightens, enhances colors, adds pinks, purples and blues

  • Teal Heaven - Brightens, enhances colors, changes blue to teal, adds richness

  • Candy Land - Enhances colors, adds pinks, orange and deep purples, adds richness

  • Lost in a Dream - Brightens, enhances blue tones, adds richness

Lightroom Presets will be sent via a download link once preset pack has been purchased.

Please note: Each preset may require exposure adjustments and can easily be changed to your liking and re-saved.

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