Create consistency in your editing & on your Instagram and save hours of wasted time!

Includes desktop and mobile versions plus an installation guide


Preset 1: Lifestyle

Perfect for any photo! Creates an “Instagramable” look to your images - brightens shadows, enhances colors, and adds a touch of teal and orange.


Preset 2: Brighten Up

Brighten up those dark images! Increases exposure, brings out shadows, and adds white & cool tones.

Free Lightroom Presets - Sunset Image

Preset 3: Sunsets

Perfect for sunsets, landscapes, or lifestyle photos. Enhances colors, adds warm tones and brightens pinks & oranges.

Please note: All Lightroom Presets are fully customizable! Add a preset to an image and make minor adjustments to create your desired look.

Free Lightroom Presets