Discover the 5 secrets to tripling your following, engagement, and income.


During this masterclass you'll learn how to:

  • Grow a following of quality and paying customers and clients

  • Avoid the biggest mistakes that I see people making every single day that’s costing you thousands of followers

  • Optimize your profile for growth, opportunities, and income

  • Create content that attracts your target audience automatically

  • Properly use hashtags that do the work FOR you.

  • Save time and create weeks worth of content in just one day

  • Plus so much more!

    Get ready to take action and gain real followers, increased income, and a brand or business that you are proud of on (and off) Instagram.



Hi! I'm Anna.

I’m an artist, adventurer, and teacher with a passion and a vision for helping entrepreneurs and creators build and grow their businesses through the power of Instagram.

Just under three years ago, I decided to start posting my photography on Instagram. Since then I have grown my account to over 100k followers and created a six-figure business. I now live a life of freedom and balance while traveling and pursuing my passions.

I'm here to inspire and teach you how to do the exact same using Instagram as your launch pad. 

The lessons that I teach are methods that I have used and tested over the years. I offer an easy-to-follow, no BS, and to-the-point solution for your Instagram allowing you to get immediate results and spend less time with your face in your phone!




Ready to get started? Let’s do this!