Interview with @nois7


@iamrishabjindal and I teamed up to create a new interview series with some of our favorite artists on Instagram.  

Interview with @nois7 (Robert Jahns)  

As many of you may know, @nois7 has been one of our biggest inspirations since day one.  His work is beautiful, whimsical, and takes us to a different time and place with each and every image. 

The best part about Robert, (other than his incredible work) is that fact that he is humble, down to earth, and willing to share his story.   With over one million followers, Robert still finds time to comment and DM with his loyal fans. 

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TLP: What do you do when you are in need of some inspiration?

Nois7: I listen to lots of music, go out for a walk or I look at hundreds of images a day.

TLP: What's the biggest challenge that you have faced with this industry? 

Nois7: It’s always important to stand out from the crowd. I create artworks which are unique and stick to the people's mind for years. The biggest challenge for me is to be creative everyday and to create new art which excites millions of people worldwide.


TLP: Your work has allowed you to travel all over the world. Where are your favorite places and why?

Nois7: I had the chance to travel around the world twice in two years. The most exciting time of my life till now. There are so many stunning places on earth and I wish I’d have more time to explore them all. Personally I love adventures and nature, but also enjoy the big cities. Indonesia is one of my favorite countries since it has so much to offer nature wise. The people are so kind and adventures are just around the corner. The place of paradise I found in the Maldives. This place is absolutely dreamlike. I’m also addicted of the energy of New York City. Manhattan and the creative community there is just amazing.

TLP: Tell us about your journey. Did you ever doubt yourself or wonder about the direction of your work?

Nois7: Never! I’m 110% passionated about what I do and I’ve always been. To mainly work in this field and to be successful is the biggest chance for me. I always push myself to the limits and I learn from my mistakes.


TLP: What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out or trying to make a living from their art?

Nois7: It’s tough! If you wanna make a living with photography and art you have to work your ass off. I’m working everyday without weekends or almost no days off for 3 years now. If you’re passionated about something and wanna make a living out of it you have to be talented in many fields, not just photography but in marketing as well. It also helps to be unique with what you do.


TLP: We couldn't agree more! You are an inspiration to many people. Has this ever felt overwhelming? Do you feel pressure to continue making amazing artwork or does it all come naturally for you?

Nois7: Honestly it is super overwhelming. I feel so much appreciation and gratitude for what I have and my success. Nowadays I’m the world leading modern digital artist and got ranked number 1 in the category "art“ on the internet which is absolutely incredible.

It’s a mix of both, when I didn’t post on Instagram for more than one week I feel the pressure. Creating new artworks goes without pressure since I put a lot of time and effort into my work. I’m a perfectionist so often it takes up to one week to finish an artwork.

TLP: Which is by far your favorite artwork?

Nois7: I must say there is not the one and only favorite. I’m proud of every new one I create. There are a few which stand out in my opinion and are still sticked to my mind. There is the image series "Frozen Venice“ or the "Whale in Venice“ I created which are some of my most popular creations. The Elephant carried by hundreds of balloons is also an artwork which changed my career in a positive way so this means a lot to me as well.



TLP: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers? Any favorite tips, stories etc?

Nois7: It’s always important to be original, I’ve seen many people just copying my ideas and concepts which for me always is annoying. You know I put hours to write down my ideas for a concept before I start creating it. I love seeing if someone is inspired by my work but just copying my concepts is not cool. Also be open to try new things and experiment a lot. Learn from your mistakes since it will make you a better person and artist. Collaborate with like-minded people and always dream big!

TLP: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today!

 We hope that this interview has inspired all of you to continue to work hard and create amazing images.  As Robert said, it takes time and a lot of effort but we can clearly see it all pays off in the end! 



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